NYC Restaurant Review – Robataya

Posted on 01-17-2010 | Posted by bmountain | Posted in Restaurants, Sake


On a recent business trip to New York my colleague Dave Hauser and I dropped by Robataya in the East Village for a late dinner.  Dave is originally a west coast guy where they know a bit about Japanese food so I was looking to show him some of New York’s best.  Robatya was definitely […]


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Best Sake in La Jolla

Posted on 01-09-2010 | Posted by bmountain | Posted in Restaurants, Sake

Roppongi Restaurant, La Jolla

It’s had to believe that it’s 2010 and that I haven’t made a post in Sake World since before Thanksgiving!  The combination of the holidays, some crazy travel, and an insane year-end at work has unfortunately kept me away from the blog, but the good news is I’ve had several great sake experiences and thus […]


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