Best Saké in Los Angeles

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Next time you’re in LA looking for some good saké you could do far worse than Hinoki and the Bird.  Located in the Beverly Hills section of the city, Hinoki combines an eclectic range of small plates with an excellent choice of sakés to provide a memorable experience.  Our generous hosts at Hinoki were our clients […]

Best Saké while watching the New England Patriots

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The term I’ve heard most for New England sports fans is insufferable, but if you live here you probably know how lucky we’ve been over the past 14 years.  3 NFL Superbowl wins by our New England Patriots, 3 World Series championships by our Boston Red Sox, 1 Stanley Cup by our Bruins and 1 NBA championship […]

Best Saké Store in the World, Really

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At last year’s ICANN conference in San Francisco I was charged with selecting the theme for our customer appreciation event.  Recent parties by others in my industry had included a microbrewery by Directi in Brussels, a pub crawl by Verisign in Boston, and a Yacht Cruise by Demand Media in Miami (drink of the evening […]

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Best Saké in Watertown (Massachusetts)

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New Ginza

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced high-quality sushi experience in the inner Boston suburbs, look no further than New Ginza on Galen St in Watertown.  I’ve been there numerous times and whether looking for a quick lunch, or an extended evening with friends, I have never been disappointed.  New Ginza is probably the best […]

Best Sake in Beijing

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China Central Television HQ outside my hotel

Note to SakeWorld readers, if you’re ever in Beijing and looking for a good, reasonably priced Japanese restaurant, don’t ask your concierge.  I’m firmly convinced all the hotels are in cahoots and concerned solely with sending each other business, regardless of what you’re actually looking for. I was back in Beijing for a conference in […]

Where to go for Saké in Paris

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rue Sainte-Anne

On a recent business trip to Paris I made arrangements to meet up with old friend Doug McCarthy for sushi.  I have always found Paris to be a tough place for ethnic food.  I love French food but most of the cuisines there tend to morph into something between their origin and local fare, and […]

Announcing John Gauntner’s Sake Professional Course

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From Monday, December 5 to Wednesday, December 7, 2011, John Gauntner, “the Saké Guy” will hold the ninth stateside version of the Sake Professional Course at the MGMGrand Hotel Las Vegas. The content of this intensive sake course will be identical to that of the Sake Professional Course held each January in Japan, with the exception of […]

Best Sake in Brussels

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Le Samourai Restaurant, Improve Your French Japanese Vocabluary

I hadn’t been to Europe since 2008 so I was delighted to learn recently that the summer ICANN meeting this year would be in Brussels.  I’ve been pretty behind on posting to Sake World with work being exceptionally crazy so I wanted to make sure to find and write about a memorable sake experience this […]

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NYC Restaurant Review – Robataya

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On a recent business trip to New York my colleague Dave Hauser and I dropped by Robataya in the East Village for a late dinner.  Dave is originally a west coast guy where they know a bit about Japanese food so I was looking to show him some of New York’s best.  Robatya was definitely […]

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Best Sake in La Jolla

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Roppongi Restaurant, La Jolla

It’s had to believe that it’s 2010 and that I haven’t made a post in Sake World since before Thanksgiving!  The combination of the holidays, some crazy travel, and an insane year-end at work has unfortunately kept me away from the blog, but the good news is I’ve had several great sake experiences and thus […]

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