Announcing John Gauntner’s Sake Professional Course

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From Monday, December 5 to Wednesday, December 7, 2011, John Gauntner, “the Saké Guy” will hold the ninth stateside version of the Sake Professional Course at the MGMGrand Hotel Las Vegas. The content of this intensive sake course will be identical to that of the Sake Professional Course held each January in Japan, with the exception of […]


How Sake is Made

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Is sake a wine or a beer? Actually sake is neither, it’s a beverage in its own class. The sake fermentation process has evolved over thousands of years and is completely unique from any other beverage. While sake is based on rice, it uses a special kind of rice that lends itself extremely well to the creation of sake. This post gives an overview of how sake is created from the harvesting and preparation of the rice through to bottling.


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The Basics – Types of Sake

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The next time you’re at a sushi bar sharing a hot flask of sake between friends, or at a high-end sake bar sipping a daiginjo, keep in mind that the beverage you are enjoying has a history dating back several thousand years. Sake has a rich tradition dating back to 4000 BC. Over time the brewing process has evolved and there are many different types of sake available today. This post explains the different types of sake.